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Are Influencers and Social Media really like Church and State?

Posted in Community,Influencers,online marketing,Social Media by Peg McNicol on May 25, 2011

Rant of the Day

Our team is working on a new product launch, and since we have been shuffled recently we are pulling in an extra person to help with the social media planning.  To date it’s been pretty much just another owned push channel, nothing too exciting or engaging.  I happen to know a great guy who understands the company, understands technical audience, and understands influencers and community. Stellar reputation, he wrote many of the best practices people are using in the company today.  I am pretty excited he might be able to give this sad group of channels a little push start towards engagement and affinity, So what was the question I was asked?

“Yes, I know he gets community and influencers, but does he understand how to make social media engaging?”

Really?   Where did the perception come from that customer engagement and relationship building is new just because it’s online? How on earth did we get to the point where you can have a marketer who is a social media expert without understanding the audience and their needs behind it?

If the great un-follow is about to happen, I hope it takes self-proclaimed social media experts with it, and lets the people who understand customer relationships take the helm of this ship.

Ahh, that feels better.

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